Bridal and Wedding Services

Every bride wants a perfect wedding! I can help Brides to choose and coordinate colours and styles that are perfect for them and their wedding party.

For brides, bridesmaids, the groom and the mothers, I offer an extensive range of services to ensure everyone looks great.

Bridal Image Consultation

A Bridal Image Consultation is the perfect way to ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day and feel amazing.

From traditional weddings to more informal occasions at home or abroad, I will offer styling advice on:

  • An in-depth Colour Analysis, with special focus on the right shades for your wedding day
  • Finding the perfect dress to suit your colouring, body shape, style personality and type of wedding
  • Suggestions for veils, tiaras, headdresses and jewellery to suit your scale and proportions
  • Recommended hairstyles to suit your face shape
  • A full make-up application in the colours that suit you best


Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Price: £240
Includes: Personalised colour swatch wallet, with focus on whites, creams and accent colours for your wedding, plus Personalised Bridal Style Guide, full of hints and tips to make shopping for your wedding dress and accessories much easier. Also a copy of Colour Me Beautiful’s publication, Be a Beautiful Bride.

Bridal Make-up

You’ll want to feel like a million dollars on your big day and I can help you by creating a natural and radiant look.

Apart from looking fabulous, it will give you confidence and the chance to sit back and relax for a while, comfortable in the knowledge that you are in the hands of a leading Image Consultant.

Make-up Trial

With your initial practice run-through, you will have plenty of time to decide on the colours and techniques that you want on the day. I can teach you how to apply the wedding make-up yourself, or I can apply your make-up for you and any other members of the bridal party on the day.

Price: £55 per person

Wedding Day Make-up

Have one less worry and leave the wedding day make-up to a professional. I will apply your make-up as we did at the make-up trial and ensure that it lasts throughout the day. I can travel to your home or venue to make your wedding day even less stressful without trips to the studio.

I can also apply your bridesmaid’s and mother’s make-up too, so that they can also feel happy and confident with their look.

Price: £65 for brides (includes travel)
£40 per person for the bridal party

Personal Shopping for Brides

No idea where to start when it comes to choosing your dress? I can help to advise and help you to choose the best dress to suit your colouring, body shape and personality with an honest and unbiased opinion.

This service is perfect if you are having no luck finding your outfit on your own – regardless if you are the bride, mother-of-the bride/groom or a member of the wedding party. I will ensure you look your best.

Price: £55 per hour or £165 for 3 hours

Colour Analysis for Bridesmaids

On your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure you are surrounded by colour that makes you look glowing and radiant but you may also want to check that your chosen colours also flatter your bridesmaids so that there are no big “clashes” of colour on your wedding photographs.

In a group Colour Analysis for your bridesmaids, we can also discuss floral colour combinations and how to tie in the men’s colours. Each bridesmaid will also get to try out make-up shades suitable for the day.

Price: From £75 per bridesmaid
Includes: Colour swatch wallet containing 30 colours

Colour and Style for Mums

This is, of course, your Mum’s day to shine too. Knowing she looks wonderful and feels confident in her wedding outfit is a gift you could give to her. A Make-up Lesson, Colour Analysis or Style Consultation would show her the best colours and style of clothes to suit her shape and colouring.

Colour Analysis

By looking at her hair colour, eye colour and skin tone I will be able to advise on what colours of clothes and make-up suit your Mum’s colouring type. Not only will the tips help her find various colours to make her radiant on your wedding day, but all the information given can be applied to her every day wardrobe as well.

For more information, please click here.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: £125
Includes: 42 colour swatch wallet

Style Consultation

Taking into account your Mum’s body shape, proportions, personality and budget, I can advise on the best wedding outfit and accessories to suit her. The advice given applies to her entire wardrobe and helps save money by making sure she doesn’t have any more of those expensive mistake purchases.

For more information, please click here.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: £125
Includes: Personalised style workbook

Groom’s Image Consultation

Although the groom may appear to be unflustered by all the wedding preparations he will want to look his very best and make you proud of him. It’s his big day too remember! To gently guide him in the right direction, a Groom’s Image Consultation can help to ensure that your wedding colour scheme and theme is carried through to the groom and his party as well. Best of all, everything he learns can be applied to his every day work and casual wardrobe as well!

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Duration: 1 hour
Price: £125
Includes: 42 swatch colour palette


Duration: 2 hours 30 mins
Price: £225
Includes: A personalised wallet containing 42 colour swatches, a copy of Image Matters for Men and a personalised summary for easy reference

Please contact me on 01403 710328 for further details.