Colour Analysis for Men

Colour analysis for men can be even more important than for women as they don’t usually have the option of wearing make-up to hide dark circles, blemishes and shadows on their faces. They need to make sure that the colours they wear reflect light onto their faces and work with their natural colouring to promote a look of health, vitality and professionalism.

Personal colour analysis for men with an award winning personal stylist and image consultant.

A Colour Analysis for Men will show you:

  • Which colours and shades enhance your natural colouring
  • How to co-ordinate colours in shirt, tie and suit combinations
  • How to use colour in less formal situations
  • How to use colour professionally to influence both how you feel and how others respond to you


Duration: 1 hour
Price: £125
Includes: Your personal colour palette and a suiting card for reference when shopping.

Please contact me on 01403 710328 for further details.