Talks/Presentations and Parties/Workshops for the Girls


Would you like a presentation or demonstration for your club or networking group?

Enjoy a fun night in and discover the best colours, make-up and styles for you and your friends. Surrey and Sussex

I present to small and large groups. These presentations/workshops/talks are interactive, fun and informative and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. They can include all aspects of colour, style – including style personality and body shapes and seasonal fashions. Most popular topics are:

  • LIFE IN COLOUR: I will show you how and why different colours suit different people..
  • THE ART OF STYLE: Wardrobes full of clothes but nothing to wear? Why do some clothes just not feel good on? Find out you style personality.
  • UPDATE YOUR STYLE: Don’t be a Fashion victim – discover how to interpret the key looks for the Season


These will be fun sessions that include audience participation to prove the points that we are making on make-up, colour and style.

Price: from £110

Please contact me on 01403 710328 for further details.


Parties combine fashion and fun for you and your chosen group of friends. They are informal and informative and can take place at your home or at my studio. Make-up, Colour, Style and Image Parties are an inexpensive way to have fun and pamper yourselves.

They are perfect for hen nights, teen parties, birthday treats or simply as an excuse to get a group of your friends together. The focus can be colour, style, make-up or fashion – it’s entirely up to you!

Colour Workshops

3 – 5 ladies learn Dominant colours and what that means for clothes and make-up as well as make-up application using the exclusive colour me beautiful products. Everyone receives 30 dominant swatches.

If you like the experience, you can always trade up to a full Colour Consultation later.

Price: £85 each (2 people;) £80 each (3 people);  £75 each (4/5 ladies)
Duration: from 3 hours dependant on numbers
Includes: Colour palette of 30 swatches

For larger groups – call me ….

Style Workshops

For 3 – 7 people – a fun session to find out your own Style Personalities and the best styles, patterns and fabrics for your body shapes and how to express your Personality through your clothes. You bring along a few items of clothing each and quite often we end up with a clothes swapping session.

You take away your own copy of “Colour me Beautiful” & personal worksheet

Price: £75 per person
Duration: from 3½ -4 hours dependant on numbers
Includes: Colour me beautiful book

Make – up Parties

4 people or more …. If you’d like to learn about skin care and which shades of make-up flatter you most and where and how to apply them, then a make-up party can be a fun way to do this, using exclusive Colour me beautiful make-up which is available to purchase. Also see the accessories to finish off your look.

Price: £40 per person
Duration: 2 -3 hours
Includes: Personalised Make-up and colour prescription

Wardrobe Weeding Parties

4 people or more …. Have fun and discover your dominant colours for clothing and best shades of make-up and tips for application. Bring along 6 items from your wardrobes and also your make-up bags which we will check to make sure that they are all making you look your best, if not you can swap! You can purchase a Dominant Colour palette if you wish.

Price: £40 per person
Duration: around 2 hours
Includes: Personalised make-up and colour prescription

Please contact me on 01403 710328 for further details.