Image and Style for Men

In today’s world, image really does matter. The way you look reflects your abilities and makes a statement about your personality and your lifestyle. By learning about your natural colouring, build and style personality, you will find it easier to look good, shop faster and dress with confidence every day.

Image and style advice for men with an award winning personal stylist and image consultant.  Dress for Success and Dress to Impress

An full session including Colour, Style & Image will show you:

  • How to select shades that complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance.
  • How to combine colours and patterns for formal, business casual and casual wear.
  • How colours influence the way you look and how others respond to you.
  • The best options of jackets, shirts, sweaters and trousers for your build.
  • How to get the right fit.
  • How to develop a co-ordinated wardrobe, ensuring that you get value for money out of any clothing investments.
  • How your hair, accessories, eyewear and grooming can affect your image.


Duration: 2 hours
Price: £225
Includes: Your personal colour palette, a copy of Image Matters for Men and a personalised summary for easy reference

Please contact me on 01403 710328 for further details.